The Questions asked a Homeschooling Mom.

When we tell people, we homeschool we get a range of comments. Just a few being “How are they socialized”, “How do they have friends”, “How do they learn?”, “What’s wrong with public school?”, “Are you part of a cult?”, “Why would you want them home all day? I’d go insane if my children were home all day.”, “Are you a hippy?” (Yes, someone asked that.)
With some of these questions, I have simple rebuttals “You mean a public school is for socializing? Because when I went, I got detention for talking during class.” “You mean your only friends as a child were also your classmates?”, “So only those in cults homeschool? News to me.”
But I’ll give y’all some serious answers. And if you do a google search you can find even more.
How are they socialized? How do they have friends?
Well, many areas have homeschooling groups that meet up. We don’t go. But my children are socialized through a church. They love the friends they’ve made, and a lot of them are homeschooled, well mannered, and children I’d actually like my children around.
How do they learn?
I’m sorry you can only “learn” in public school? They learn in many different ways. Brandy is doing hooked on phonics right now. Once she can read, I plan to purchase the Robinson Curriculum. But there are many out there and even homeschoolers that don’t use any curriculum at all. It’s called unschooling. Which I plan to do a mix of curriculum and unschooling. But that’s what is great about homeschooling. I can tailor it as I go along to her learning needs.
What’s wrong with public school?
How many children have been killed in a school shooting recently? How many teachers have been found to be child predators? Aside from safety concerns I have religious, and personal ones as well. Such as teaching evolution, promoting certain reading materials, Lack of supervision, one size fits all teaching/learning style etc. Not to mention the many people I’d prefer they not become friends with. Then there’s the bullying. No child needs that.
Are you part of a cult?
Well… What do you define a cult? If an independent fundamental King James only church is a cult? Then yes, I am. If not then no, I’m not.
Why would you want them home all day?
Well that’s a loaded question. Why wouldn’t I want my children home all day? I mean they are MY CHILDREN! I didn’t have them so someone else could raise them. (Ie: Daycare, school, baby sitter.) I had them to raise, love, and teach. I had them because they’re gifts from God to be cherished. And one day they will get married, and not be around so much. So why would I want less time with them now? Sure, there are days where they do drive me insane! Just this morning my almost 6-year-old came in the living room at 6:30am bright eyed and bushy tailed! They usually don’t get up until 7:30-8am. And if I sent them off to school, I’d probably have a cleaner house, and more time to myself. But I decided when I had children for the next 18 years of their life, they are my life. Granted as they get older, they won’t need me as much. But I’ll be here if they do. And at the end of the day if they turn out to be horrible human beings, I have no one to blame but myself. So, as a parent I’m going to do my absolute best to raise great human beings.
Remember no matter what your choice is you have to do you. Maybe homeschooling wont work for you. But maybe you think you’re not smart enough? It’s not about your intelligence. Robinson Curriculum is pretty much self-taught once they can read. There is also cyber school, and homeschool via DVD. It’s so flexible I think anyone could do it. If it’s something you’d like to try but you don’t know if you are capable, I encourage you to look at the different options. Like cloth diapers it’s come a long way! Until next time readers! Like, Subscribe, and share, share, share!


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