The Questions asked a Homeschooling Mom.

When we tell people, we homeschool we get a range of comments. Just a few being “How are they socialized”, “How do they have friends”, “How do they learn?”, “What’s wrong with public school?”, “Are you part of a cult?”, “Why would you want them home all day? I’d go insane if my children were home all day.”, “Are you a hippy?” (Yes, someone asked that.)
With some of these questions, I have simple rebuttals “You mean a public school is for socializing? Because when I went, I got detention for talking during class.” “You mean your only friends as a child were also your classmates?”, “So only those in cults homeschool? News to me.”
But I’ll give y’all some serious answers. And if you do a google search you can find even more.
How are they socialized? How do they have friends?
Well, many areas have homeschooling groups that meet up. We don’t go. But my children are socialized through a church. They love the friends they’ve made, and a lot of them are homeschooled, well mannered, and children I’d actually like my children around.
How do they learn?
I’m sorry you can only “learn” in public school? They learn in many different ways. Brandy is doing hooked on phonics right now. Once she can read, I plan to purchase the Robinson Curriculum. But there are many out there and even homeschoolers that don’t use any curriculum at all. It’s called unschooling. Which I plan to do a mix of curriculum and unschooling. But that’s what is great about homeschooling. I can tailor it as I go along to her learning needs.
What’s wrong with public school?
How many children have been killed in a school shooting recently? How many teachers have been found to be child predators? Aside from safety concerns I have religious, and personal ones as well. Such as teaching evolution, promoting certain reading materials, Lack of supervision, one size fits all teaching/learning style etc. Not to mention the many people I’d prefer they not become friends with. Then there’s the bullying. No child needs that.
Are you part of a cult?
Well… What do you define a cult? If an independent fundamental King James only church is a cult? Then yes, I am. If not then no, I’m not.
Why would you want them home all day?
Well that’s a loaded question. Why wouldn’t I want my children home all day? I mean they are MY CHILDREN! I didn’t have them so someone else could raise them. (Ie: Daycare, school, baby sitter.) I had them to raise, love, and teach. I had them because they’re gifts from God to be cherished. And one day they will get married, and not be around so much. So why would I want less time with them now? Sure, there are days where they do drive me insane! Just this morning my almost 6-year-old came in the living room at 6:30am bright eyed and bushy tailed! They usually don’t get up until 7:30-8am. And if I sent them off to school, I’d probably have a cleaner house, and more time to myself. But I decided when I had children for the next 18 years of their life, they are my life. Granted as they get older, they won’t need me as much. But I’ll be here if they do. And at the end of the day if they turn out to be horrible human beings, I have no one to blame but myself. So, as a parent I’m going to do my absolute best to raise great human beings.
Remember no matter what your choice is you have to do you. Maybe homeschooling wont work for you. But maybe you think you’re not smart enough? It’s not about your intelligence. Robinson Curriculum is pretty much self-taught once they can read. There is also cyber school, and homeschool via DVD. It’s so flexible I think anyone could do it. If it’s something you’d like to try but you don’t know if you are capable, I encourage you to look at the different options. Like cloth diapers it’s come a long way! Until next time readers! Like, Subscribe, and share, share, share!


Patience is a Virtue, Children are a blessing.

A Homeschooling Story

My husband and I are both thick-skulled, and strong headed. We are stubborn, and naturally so are our children. I see this more and more with Brandy. As she is getting older and we are starting to homeschool her stubborn nature is shining through. She tests my patience more and more.
About a year ago we started to work with her on learning to read. I started to get so frustrated with her. In part because I felt she knew something, but was afraid of being wrong, and in part because she was always so reluctant to answer. Another reason is that we could go over the same letter for 5 minutes, and she still would say “I don’t know”. It was incredibly frustrating to me and made me feel like such a failure. We have tried 100 Easy Lessons,, Flashcards, Your Baby Can read, Workbooks, Alphabet songs on Youtube, I feel like I had tried everything.
This took me to the question “How did I learn how to read?” HOOKED ON PHONICS CASSETTE TAPES! I knew how to read before I even went to kindergarten. So, I looked up Hooked on Phonics. Now the entire set that I would LIKE to have is almost $300. We’re poor. I then found out they offered a 30-day free trial for their digital app. And a lifetime subscription for only $50. I then decided I’d try the 30-day trial. I have nothing to lose. Brandy started out knowing 5 letters (There about) by sight, and only two associating sounds. 3 days later she knows more than half the alphabet by sight and a good amount of associating sounds.
I have also learned my mood, my temper, how I react, how I speak, and my patience with her makes a huge difference in how she learns. I used to sit her at the kitchen table, and make her pay full attention not wiggle and just very strict kind of thing with her. But it never worked and we would both be stressed by the end of it. The past few days (Excluding yesterday, because yesterday she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed so we skipped school) I have done a more relaxed routine. We just sit in the living room while her sister is napping. We have a drink, and we just flip through the flashcards. If she gets it wrong, I ask her “Would you like to try again?” Sometimes she does sometimes she doesn’t. Whereas before we would get to the first letter, she got wrong, and the tears would start streaming down her face, she would want to give up and her spirits would be crushed. On that front, I think that’s her maturing. On my front I also found the patience to deal with her not being able to recognize the letter “D” even though I told her 1 minute ago it was indeed the letter “D”.
Children are a blessing. Being able to homeschool is a blessing. But sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. The enemy is that little blessing. But when that little blessing is stinging you like a bee, sometimes you need to remember not to squash it like one. Because squashing a child’s spirits is easy. Fixing what you’ve squashed is not.
Patience is a virtue… And one I have needed to learn, and still, need more experience in. Each day I need to pray for some because this girl is part of me, and part of my husband. She is stubborn, strong-willed, and a handful! By the time I die, I should have the patience of Job!
1Timothy 6:11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

Stranger Danger, or maybe not?

You teach your children stranger danger, but then send them to school with strangers. You teach them to never get into a car with a stranger, but then you put them on the bus. You teach them to never take candy from a stranger, but then Halloween comes around. You tell them to obey you, but then give your authority over to others (teachers and other authority figures) who teach them life values you do not agree with. People are saying we have a problem in this world. We have a lot of children who are disrespectful. They’re disrespectful to their peers, their parents, their teachers, and often times even themselves. But the problem doesn’t start with the children. Nor is it with their school. The problem is with their parents.

While we are all just parents doing our best to parent… We need to think it’s not just our parenting that is affecting our children. It’s also the parents of their peers. If our children are around other children at school who have crappy parents, or in some cases no parents our children can learn from those negative influences. And if our children are learning from those negative influences, we as parents need to step it up at home to try and combat that. Now of course that is one way. But let’s go back to the beginning. Why are we teaching our children stranger danger, and then from a young age when they can not yet defend themselves (And in some cases can’t even speak for themselves yet) sending them off to be with strangers all day? Do people not find this ironic? Yes, teachers and childcare workers have background checks, but at one time every pedophile had a clean record. You have to commit the crime AND get caught before there is ever a record. Did you know that statistics show that the average pedophile has 200 victims prior to being caught? That is 200 children who have been victimized prior to that pedophile having a record. That means that pedophile could have a job in a Daycare or school, and no one knows that they’re a pedophile.

Just in recent years I have seen article after article of school teachers being caught sexually assaulting their students, daycare workers molesting children during diaper changes, church workers sexually assaulting small children who were left in their care, babysitters, Pastors, Priests, etc. So many people who are daily entrusted with our children’s care sometimes end up being the very people who can hurt them the most. And even more with daycare workers, and teachers… They get a new rotation of children every single year. Sure, parents often meet the teacher and they think he/she is a nice person. Will be a great teacher. OR the daycare worker. So kind and caring. But then what about when something happens to your child? You realize you didn’t really know them, did you? You taught your children Stranger danger because of this very thing, but then left them with strangers all day long.

So many working parents are probably thinking I’m busy I work what am I supposed to do with my child? This is where society and America especially has failed. Children should have two loving parents. Homes should be able to be supported off of one income. Parents shouldn’t need multiple jobs to support a family. Women shouldn’t WANT to work outside the home instead of being a homemaker. The fact is we don’t have many homemakers left in society because society is teaching us what “Normal” should be. Society doesn’t want your children with you! They want them enrolled in public school, they want them in daycare, they want YOU the parents away from them as much as possible, and why? Because the more they’re with their parents the less society can brainwash them. The less society can desensitize them to problems. The less society can pull them away from God. The less society can restrict their free will to become their own person with their own beliefs. The less society can keep them from being little for a little while.

So if you have children and you plan to enroll them in school, and/or daycare. Don’t teach them stranger danger if your goal is to leave them with strangers. Don’t celebrate Halloween if you’re going to teach them not to take candy from strangers. Don’t teach them not to ride with a stranger if you’re going to put them on a bus. Don’t expect them to respect you, and their teacher because you’re both teaching them different things. Don’t be a hypocrite to your child. It’s the things you don’t think about that often makes people a hypocrite.

As a Teacher to my Daughter

I’m a wife, a mother, a cleaner, a cook, a nurse, a designer, but also a teacher. A teacher in every subject! I teach my daughters how to be homemakers, but as a homeschooler it’s also up to me to teach them reading, writing, math, history, etc. As a teacher to my own children there are many obstacles. Brandy is the only one who is actively being taught. She is stubborn, and shy, and for some reason so afraid to answer a question wrong.

Well last week at church she got a book for her Patch the Pirate club. Only being 5 she is not required to do the daily devotions in the book. However, my opinion is the book was paid for, and why not? She can’t yet read, but I can read it to her and have her answer the questions, right? Now we have only been doing it three days but over the course of those 3 days I have found something she really wants to do. She loves the bible, she loves learning about God! And she loves Patch club. So, I’ve been using this to encourage her to at least guess the answer. Because even if it’s wrong that’s OK. Over the course of these 3 days she is slowly breaking out of her shell. She’s taking guesses, and even OK when I tell her that her answer was wrong. Why? Because this is something she wants to do. She wants to learn to read, but she doesn’t want to take the time to do it, and in a way, I think that’s part of the reason why it’s so slow going.

If you are a homeschooler, and struggling with a subject with your child maybe you just need to find a different way to teach them. Teaching is never one size fits all, and learning is not either. This girl can be a struggle, and while I teach her… She teaches me. She teaches me how to be a better mother!

To be continued…

Basically… I’m a Manager.

Basically a Homemaker. What does that mean? What is a homemaker? It’s a person (especially a housewife according to google) who manages the home. I was thinking I was more of a CEO of sorts… But I can settle for manager. However, as a manager shouldn’t I have associates? Is that what these little people are for? They seem to make more messes than they clean! But hey it’s free help! No but in all seriousness… I often feel like I’m failing at being a homemaker… I’ve mentioned it before. But let’s delve into a little about what is the actual job of a homemaker.
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So, if a homemaker is as google say someone who manages a home… That as many definitions is a rather loose definition. I guess it depends on what you qualify as manage. I feel even more lacking as a homemaker reading that! Because my house is very UNDER managed. My table is a mess, my living room floor has toys on it, my bathroom needs cleaned, and the bedrooms need tidied. And don’t ask my husband because he would probably add to that list. (SHHHHH!) So, what do I do every day that is keeping me from being the wife, and mother my family deserves? What keeps me from being a great homemaker? Consistency. Routine. Self-discipline. As with any job you need consistency, routine, and discipline. If you’re on a diet you don’t choose to not eat the doughnut because you think doughnuts are gross… Because gross doughnuts are humanly impossible. You choose to not eat the doughnut because you’re disciplined in wanting to lose weight. And you also know who stops at one doughnut?

So how does a person start getting disciplined and into a routine with housework? Well one thing that I find helps and I have tried several times with success but eventually stop doing…. A written daily routine. I recently printed one off that I am going to try out over the next month. Another thing that helps… Even if you’re tired when the alarm goes off. FORCE YOURSELF OUT OF BED! I’m horrible with this part of discipline. I love sleep. I love sleeping in, and yet I hate spending the entire day sleeping and getting nothing done. Can’t win.

Also ditch the excuses. I am the queen of excuses. Even if they’re true. They’re excuses and they’re a crutch to use as to why you didn’t get anything done. Eden was underfoot… Yeah ok. I own two toddler Tula’s…. Instead of being underfoot she would be attached to my back. Brandy got hurt. Yeah ok when is she not saying she’s hurt? That girl is a drama queen. Kiss the boo boo and move on. Recently my house went to shambles due to sickness… See that’s an excuse… A rather valid excuse but still an excuse… Because my house was well on its way prior to everyone getting sick.

So how should a person start their day off right? There’s no one size fits all answer! But what has worked best for me is
Don’t hit snooze!
Put on socks and shoes before you even get out of bed!
When you get downstairs drink a cup of coffee!
While drinking your coffee read! For me It’s usually my bible. For others maybe you want to check social media, or the news, or the basically a homemaker blog!
If you’re a breakfast eater grab something. I usually just have something a small. A couple eggs, or a granola bar or something.
At this point my children are usually up and ready for breakfast.
I cook for them, and read to them while they eat.
Once that is all done, they are free to play, and I make the beds.
And then I have a checklist of what to do throughout the day.

Being a homemaker is a difficult, thankless task. I don’t think it’s difficult due to the tasks, or the amount of work… I think it’s difficult because it takes enormous amounts of self-discipline. And sometimes disciplining yourself is the hardest type of discipline. I’d love nothing more than to sit on the couch all day watching little house on the prairie, and reading my fictional Amish love stories. However, somehow, I ended up with little people to care for, and a house to clean!?!?

Speaking of which… I should probably get to that! Until next time readers! Go make your bed!

Societies Normal Meter.

Normal. The word can simply change definition according to who you are talking to… So, what is normal? Well let’s start with the google definition of the word normal. It even has a vast definition.
Conforming to a standard, usual, typical, expected, average, a person who is healthy etc. Some synonyms are Usual, ordinary, customary, or habitual etc. The definition alone makes you realize there is a larger meaning to the word. Something that is ordinary to you, may not be ordinary to me. Your normal might be sending children to a school, while my normal is homeschooling. So why don’t we talk about “normal” and how really there is no such thing? Maybe this will make people to stop trying to be “normal” and just be themselves! And as always! Like, Share, and tell your friends!

The other day I was watching my daughter sing in her patch the pirate club at church I thought “She is not normal!”. Of course, she’s cute, and there is nothing wrong with being different. But why did I think she wasn’t “normal”. Out of the group of children she was 5, and the others ranged around 9-12 (Or so). The other children all stood perfectly still and kept their voices well-tuned to the song they sang. My daughter being so excited was bouncy, and had a mile-wide smile, and was LOUD and not at all polished as she sang. Normal in that group was not my daughter. It was not typical, or usual. But her being a little different was still accepted with smiles. While normal may not have been my boisterous, loud daughter they didn’t seem to know the difference.

The other day I herd someone make reference to someone’s “normal meter” being off. How can a “normal meter” be off or wrong? Normal to one person may not be normal to you, but that doesn’t make their normal wrong. Normal in my household is my husband going to work daily, while I stay home, take care of the children, cook, clean, grocery shop, do the budget etc. Other peoples normal is both parents working, children in school, come home, do school extra curricular etc. That norm is not mine. While I don’t think any of that is necessary, that doesn’t mean it’s not normal. It’s normal for you isn’t it?

In school I always tried to fit in and be “normal”. I wanted to be skinny, and wear name brand clothing. I wanted the newest coolest things because all my classmates had them and that was “normal”. “Normal” is a picture typically that is painted for you. We need to escape the box of normality and think outside of it. Add for sides, and dimensions to your box. What are boxes for? To store things, right? Not to a cat. To a cat a box is a bed. Not to a child. To a child that box can be a stage, a boat, a table, a stand, a drum, a house, a sled. But “normally” that box is to store things. Whether it holds toys that are awaiting to be sold, or packages waiting to be delivered. Normally it’s to aid in storage. But once we break out of “normal” we can have a lot more in life.

Blankets belong on a bed. Until you want to make a fort. Water cans are for the garden, or other household plants. Until your children think it’s fun to scoop water out of the pool and take turns pouring it on each other’s heads. Tubs are for baths… Unless you’re a child who wants to go on a water adventure.

Don’t get caught up in normal. Don’t get your children caught up in normal. Look at life through the eyes of a child instead. Children are blessings. And there is a reason for that. Google may be able to define normal. But there is no such thing as normal. So instead of keeping up with normal. Slow down, and redefine your normal. At the end of the day I think it will make life a little sweeter.

Just because the Majority does it, Doesn’t Mean it’s right!

I am apart of the 10% of the population who is left handed. This means I am among the minority. So, growing up I often used right handed things (such as scissors) but used them backwards. I got chastised quite a few times in school for using items backwards, and I remember saying to my teacher who chastised me “Majority doesn’t mean right! Maybe you’re backwards, and I’m right.” Now I am pretty certain I was using the scissors backwards, but it was only backwards for a right-handed person. Not a lefty. So, majority doesn’t mean right.

The majority of North America celebrates Christmas. But why? Many people say they do so to celebrate the birth of Christ. But if that is the case why are you buying others gifts? The majority celebrates Easter. Christians say it is to celebrate Jesus Christ dying for all sinners and ascending up into heaven… If that is the case why the basket, candy, and gifts? Just because the majority does it, doesn’t mean it’s right. If we choose to celebrate Jesus Birth, then we should be focused on that. Not the best gift we can buy little Johnny, or Susie. And what about the gifts for the members of the family we only talk to at holidays? Also, at Christmas time how many who claim to celebrate the birth of Jesus teach their children about Santa? Real good way to gain your child’s trust. Let’s lie to them about Santa, and Elf on a shelf! If you are trying to teach your children right from wrong, and to tell the truth… then it is never a good reason to lie to them. Now some parents do these tom-fooleries with their children all the while knowing its dad and mom. That’s fine. You were at least honesty with them. But seriously don’t lie to your children just because the majority does it.

The majority believes what’s in a history text book. However, they weren’t there. The majority believes it’s ok to vaccinate, but have never read a vaccine insert. The majority of America circumcises their sons, but has never looked into the pros and cons of doing so. They only go according to ideology, the norms, or what AAP or CDC says. Not research from both sides, because at this point there is no neutral. Not to say if you do those things that you’re wrong. We are all parents just trying to do our best for our children. But we need to come to a point where we realize… The majority isn’t always right. Science isn’t always exact. There have been many times scientists have come back and said they were wrong. But people seem to gloss over that. The CDC has come back and said they were putting out vaccines that weren’t working. The AAP used to say it was safe to forward face your child at a year old. There was a time when twinkies were considered safe to consume on a daily basis, and people didn’t understand the dangers of smoking around children. (Let alone the dangers to their own health.)

Take a moment to think of everything you do in your day to day life, and think does the majority do this? One thing the majority probably does is shower on a regular basis. That’s good right? I certainly don’t want to smell bad! Even if I’m loafing around in my own home in my jammies all day. I don’t want to smell bad. But a negative thing the majority probably recently does is over consume. Over consumption of anything isn’t good. Over consuming food makes you over weight (That’s a struggle I know all too well!), and over consuming products lead you to a house full, and usually a meaningless unfulfilled life. Because unless you have the newest, you’re not satisfied.

I cut out holidays when I got married 8 years ago. Some years I miss it, but many times I end up thankful that we are not spending a boat load of money on useless stuff we don’t need. I don’t wait for a holiday to get my children new shoes, or clothes. I just get it when they need it. I don’t wait for a holiday if I want them to have a new toy…. I wait until they earned it, or at least have been well behaved. But I don’t see the reason to over consume at holidays, and then minimally consume throughout the year. Maybe if we all took a step back, and minimally consumed all year it would make the presents we do get mean a little more. How many children are expecting gifts on Tuesday? (Or Monday for those who celebrate on Christmas Eve?) Mine don’t. I’m pretty sure mine don’t even realize Tuesday is a special day for most people. How many children are expecting gifts even though they have been less than well behaving all year except through November and December? (And in some cases, just December).

I’m not saying don’t follow the majority. You do you. You do what you think is best for your family, and your household. But please don’t criticize those who don’t follow the majority or believe like you. They’re only doing what is best for their family. And if they criticize you take it with a grain of salt. We all have things we are passionate about. It is what it is… Whether you
Homeschool, or Public School
Vaccinate, or don’t
Breastfeed, or Bottle
Organic, or not
Large family, or small
Celebrate, or don’t
Minimize, or maximize
And so much more. You do you.
The only thing I will add here is, it is against my religion to keep that to myself! But I’ll gladly go to the next door if you don’t want to listen, and you can happily go to the next blog if that offends you!

Matthew 28:18-20 King James Version (KJV)

18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Simple Free Fun!

Well mostly free!
As most of you know by now, I live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with two small children. In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we of course get snow… However, we do not typically get snow in November… Or at least not this much snow! While many people dread the snow, in this household we embrace it! You of course do what you have to, to remain safe during a snowstorm! But no use in complaining about it.

I remember as a child always looking forward to the snow. We would go sledding, have snowball fights, build forts, and just plenty of fun. Through the eyes of a child that’s what snow is! PURE FUN! Adults need to take the time to look at snow through the eyes of a child. I often see and hear adults complain about the cold, and the snow. Gripe that there will be a storm. I mean you live up North, and its winter… However nonetheless everyone complains.  People complain about others who make Christmas miserable, but what about adults who make winter miserable for children?

So we as parents decide to look at winter through the eyes of a child. Yesterday we got a pretty good size storm. It started out as freezing rain and sleet, and quickly changed over to snow. The snow quickly accumulated throughout the day. I had a hard time getting the girls to eat lunch, because as soon as they saw those flakes start flying all they wanted was to go outside! My husband spent a good amount of time with them while I was inside cleaning up. Before I knew it, I looked outside, and there was enough accumulation to build a snowman! And a snowman they did build. However, I think it may be a woman, because my daughter named it Judy. My husband came in wanting to know when I planned to come out. I told him about in about 5 minutes. I finished up the lovely snow creature. Coal eyes, nose, and buttons. I then used pink food gel to make the mouth. Sticks for arms, you know basic stuff. My husband then started to build our mountain of snow! Every storm where there is enough snow, we mound it up so our children have a sledding space in the backyard. You would think living in such a hilly region a sledding space would be easy to find, but tis not so!

So, we built our sledding hill, we built our snowman, my husband shoveled the sidewalk, and let the children help. As adults we looked at snow through the eyes of children which tends to come naturally for us anymore. It was cold, it was tiresome, but it was worth it! My 5-year-old kept saying it was the best snow day ever! And the best winter ever! Truth is simplicity is happiness in its purest form! Sure, we paid money for the sleds, and the shovels. But the fun is almost completely free. In our own backyard we had hours of fun.

So, I don’t care how old you are. If you lie where there is snow try to embrace it! Don’t loathe it. Love it! Do you want to build a snowman? THEN DO IT! Do you want to go sledding? Buy a sled and have fun! Even before my husband and I had children we went sledding! We still use those sleds with our children. Yes, snow is cold, and wet, and slippery, but let’s not dwell on the negatives. There is enough negativity in the world! Let’s look at the positives! Look at things through the eyes of a child. Suddenly the world will look a little better, life will be a little more fun, and maybe you could spread a little happiness yourself and make the world a nicer place.

In order for there to be a difference in the world, someone needs to initiate it. Be that difference. Remember “One spark starts a fire”.

Minimizing Beyond Possessions

I think that often when people hear of a minimalist, or minimizing they think solely of material items. While yes… Minimizing on how many things you have is an important role, have you ever thought about minimizing beyond what’s material? Beyond the items that clutter your home? What about things that clutter your mind? Social media, television, games, electronics, too many “experiences”.

Think about it in this light. Minimalist often say “No don’t get me a present. If you insist on getting something, buy an experience”. Can’t you get overloaded on trying to do to many experiences? When my parents visit I feel like I need a vacation from their “vacation” because they don’t sit still for ten seconds! They want to “Experience” EVERYTHING! And the time that is spent “Together” and we sit still, we are either on social media, watching tv, or doing something where we are in the same room but not really “together”. And all of these electronics… It’s getting out of hand in society. Remember a day when people used to sit down in the evening, and read? Or talk amongst each other? Or I sometimes read in books how families would sing in the evenings. Just this morning my 5-year-old daughter brought me a hymnal and asked if we could sing music like we do in church… So, I browsed through and I picked a couple and we sang. She loved every minute of it!

Imagine a life where your phone didn’t ding to let you know someone liked your post. There was a text notification, or a phone call. Imagine a day where you unplugged the electronics, and turned everything off. What would happen? Utter chaos? Minds going insane? Sometimes we need to declutter more than our homes. We also need to declutter our minds. Because we often think of minimalism on the surface, but sometimes we need to peel back the layers.

Remember in my last post I quoted Dr. Seuss “Unslumping yourself is not easily done”. Maybe it’s because in order to get out of the slump you need to prick the skin, and start peeling back layers. I’ve seen minimalist get everything just so. They have minimal possessions, a nice home, and it’s comfortable, and then they say “Now what?” They don’t know what to do. Well you can peel back the layers. Sure, experiences are great! But don’t get burnt out on them. Sure, television is great, but is it the best use of your time? Nothing wrong with some television here and there though. Just be conscious of your thoughts. Don’t replace your new-found freedom from things with technology. Technology is still a worthless thing in the end. I have friends on Facebook I rarely talk to. And when I message them they never respond. Makes me wonder why they’re even a “friend”.

Make today a day of conscious decisions. Make today a day where you intend to be more. To do more. If you were to die at the end of the day would you be happy with how you acted today? I wouldn’t. I was a little short tempered with my daughter, I told her to hang on several times because I was reading a Facebook post. I told them to shush several times because we were watching a meaningless movie. I put the wrong things first. I.e.: The movie, and Facebook. Make today a day of purpose! Minimize the clutter in your brain. I even challenge you to turn off your phone! (Or many smartphones can be set to a basic setting. If not and you still need to be able to be reached turn off your Wi-Fi, and data connection.)

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